About Us

We wanted to start a brand that is centered around designing outstanding protective apparel for people who desire to be HEROIC!

FIT -> FOCUS -> FUNCTION is our tagline!  Fit is the biggest part of the equation in safety apparel.  Once we are able to get your proportions of the pattern correct; you can focus!  Function and Safety only begins once the first part of the equation is met!

The intention is to create products that work with our bodies and we have designed and innovated all of the areas that impede your need to move.

HEROIC is also one of the few brands in the world that is designed with repair in the forefront of construction.  We make all of our products so that it can be quickly and affordably repaired in our shop or trackside!  We repair everything that we make as well as our competitors products.  Making HEROIC product EASIER to repair is innovative in itself.   We think you'd agree; motorcycling is a sport that requires refurbishing your apparel investment.  We have this part of the business on lock!  It not only helps us make better product; but it also gives you; the customer piece of mind when making purchase decisions!

Feel free to contact our team.  We want to learn from you!  

@heroicracing on socials / sales@heroicracing.com on email or 917.846.3671 and we can help you answer any of your questions!