Cleaning & Conditioning

As many of you may or may not know "salt" in your racing suits' worst enemy!

When you think about salt you think "why would anyone in the motorcycle industry talk about grains of salt and how could they ruin my motorcycle racing suit!?"

Well, here is the nasty truth.  When you go riding in your motorcycle racing suit, jacket or pants you are definitely going to start sweating.  Sweat is made up of primarily 2 things, water and electrolytes. Water is pretty self-explanatory because there is nothing complicated about water but the electrolytes your body expels are made up of sodium and chloride this is where the salt comes in to play.

After a hard ride in any temperature your body is expelling these 2 things and the salt tends to build up with the water and hangs out on your skin once the water evaporates leaving it to rub on the inside of your suit.  Salt ruins most leathers but let's be honest you paid a hefty amount of money to be safe in your motorcycle suit because you want to stay as protected as you possibly can.

The salt that your body deposits in the suit and gloves decays your product making it brittle over time. The lack of maintenance makes it easier for stitches to pop, panels to come apart and many more issues that can occur aesthetically as well as lets not forget the potential hygiene issues that can create for you.

We want you to be as protected as humanly possible whether you're on or off the track.  The maintenance of your suit and gloves prevents dryness, cracking and premature aging of your product.  The main reason why we offer our Cleaning and Condition service for your racing products.  Return on your investments.

We have worked on 100's of suits and cleaned and conditioned as well as restored them from time to time after a few wrecks and get our clients ready for racing season.

We will clear off all of the salt from the inside of your suit and restore it to good working condition so that you are able to Focus and Function properly on your motorcycle.

Give us a call today or send us an email over at so we can chat about sending us your suit.