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HEROIC Genesis Children's Professional Road Racing Suit

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The HEROIC Genesis Children's race suit is a pro tool.... for a child. We took all the formulas that HEROIC is known for in producing high performance adult suits; created a children's relaxed fit and threw ALL the bells and whistles at it. This Genesis offers all the features that will allow your child to perform to learn faster, and focus on progression which in turn will offer them maximum safety.

What is the GENESIS? We came up with the Genesis name with its reference to in the beginning. In the beginning you don't want your child to have ANY focus issues nor mobility issues. We delivered one of the most ergonomically comfortable race suit you can ride in for kids. Mobility and comfort were the main results when looking for transparency in building this race suit. The main stress and pull points have been removed and replaced with Schoeller Keprotec abrasion fabric. These areas allow the suit to expand or contract naturally; even in the most compact riding positions.

Stretch - We have heard all the concerns. Will my child outgrow it immediately? We have made these suits so they stretch in ways that will allow the child to get at least 6-8 months more out of each size. GENIUS longevity and comfort.

Color - Color is a VERY important decision when picking a race suit. We have used precise color placement in this suit to utilize the sun in order to maximize the bodies performance. White leather was placed in areas of the suit that reflect the sun. These areas are non impact zones (chest, lower back, lower leg, upper shoulder). Black absorbs the sun and retains it's heat. Therefore we placed the black leather in quick twitch muscle group areas (Hip, Outer Thigh, Top of Shoulder, Outer Forearm) and these areas are also high abrasion zones. Black is the go to leather for high abrasion zones.

Ergonomics - Blood flow to limbs is very important and especially to the hands. We have cut out the front of the elbow in the suit to allow for better circulation as well as fluid return. Length of elbow to wrist and length of knee to ankle in HEROIC suits tend to be short to allow for better circulation and maximum hand and foot mobility.

Pro Protection - We have also included key ZONE protection pads in the chest, abdomen, collarbone, tailbone and hip to dissipate shock upon impact. These protected zones enhance the protection supplement with impact protection to increase shock protection to the body.

The HEROIC Genesis platform is the ultimate childrens off the rack suit. The fit, the safe features and the comfort will give your child the tool that he or she needs to be the next world champion.

Model is 8 years old and 50 lbs / Suit size M

Relaxed fit for ultimate mobility.

M - 7-9 year old / 60-80lbs

L - 8-10 year old / 70-90lbs

XL - 9-11 years old / 80-100lbs

Children's / Kids HEROIC motorcycle racing suit size guide: