Warranties are specific to only brand new HEROIC Racing suits, gloves, hoodies and jackets at purchase only.

We know that wrecks happen and that they are somewhat inevitable.  Rest assure that whatever you do to your product; we can repair it; if it is cost effective.  If that product is under warranty; we will repair it first; and replace it if we deem it necessary.

Did it break? We can fix anything! We can also make all future product better!  Our strong after purchase department allows us to develop better product and future customers better products and service!  We want to learn every day to make things right and better!

When you purchase a new HEROIC Racing Apparel Custom suit; you have the option to purchase a warranty from us.  HEROIC Racing Apparel warranties are only valid from 18 months from purchase as we do not warranty products over that amount of time due to the aging of the garment.

If you have any leftover warranty bucks after 18 months or purchase we will still honor the amount leftover and roll them over into the cost of a new HEROIC Racing jacket or suit, so your money does not go to waste.

HEROIC Warranty does not cover any shipping cost.

If you have any questions before purchasing please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.