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BOLID'STER "RIDE'STER V" Indigo Men's Motorcycle ARMALITH® Jeans

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100% ARMALITH® and ergonomic cut, these motorcycle jeans for all challenges incorporate cutting-edge materials. Semi-industrial manufacturing in our French workshop. Whether relating to the material or the manufacturing, several patents allow it to combine very high performances. These are therefore easy-to-wear jeans: breathable, light, hydrophilic, stretchy and machine washable.



  • “A 5th generation of more comfortable jeans”
  • “The new RIDE'STER V receives all the know-how to offer bikers jeans that are as safe as they are comfortable” Moto Légende
  • “A chic product against shocks, made in France with a 10-year guarantee” Moto Revue



  • "…it is a concentrate of technology to offer it exceptional abrasion resistance"Café Racer
  • "Reinforced jeans suitable for motorcycling"Desmo
  • "Total look and safety"



  • Aerospace grade UHMWPE fiber to ensure  abrasion resistance  over a distance of 40m in the event of a motorcycle fall, according to the conditions of the Cambridge motorcycle standard CE-13595-2 or AAA 120Km/h according to the Darmstadt motorcycle standard EN17092 .
  • Resistance to cutting, tearing, bursting, traction and UV.
  • High tenacity PA6.6 sewing thread, derived from airbag technology.
  • Meta-aramid mesh heat shield in case of prolonged sliding.
  • Patented adaptive impact protector retention system.
  • Optional knee and hip impact protectors +€35 (each pair)
  • Drawstring at the bottom of the legs.


  • Jeans: Armalith 2.0
  • Power Stretch 14oz and Armalith® 2.0 XLight 11.5Oz


  • 50% Cotton
  • 43% UHMWPE
  • 7% Lycra®


  • 3D anatomical cut for maximum comfort in Ride position.
  • Allows you to cover the boots with the bottom of the jeans (depending on body type and equipment).
  • Preformed knees.
  • Back lift.
  • Super stretch 3D belt.


  • Raw Indigo and raw black


  • Numbered
  • France 🇫🇷
  • Ten-year guarantee


  • Cold manufacturing allowing significant energy savings as well as maintaining elasticity after more than 1000 washes.
  • Raw finish saving energy and water.
  • Components from workshops in France, Spain, Italy and Austria.
  • Short logistics circuit (from yarn to finished jeans: less than 1000 km).


  • When buying the jeans should be a little tight, then the cut will adapt to your body shape.
  • The stretch of RIDE'STER indigo is present but it is blocked by a primer resin that we apply as a finish. This refinement allows the jeans to “learn” and memorize the body shape of its owner.
  • After around fifty hours of break-in and then a few washes, the resin gives way to a superb patina and the jeans are in perfect shape.