I always thought the middle of the suit was holding me back while riding on the track.  We repair a lot of suits here at HEROIC and every suit that comes in our shop for service; shows and tells a story.  You can see where tension is created and you can see where the leather or fabric is fatigued.  

The most common area of fatigued leather is above the crotch and all around the kidney area of any brand suit.  

In 2013 I set out to make the world's BEST children's race suit.  I wanted to allow the child to be able to move un restricted.  I noticed that the children's suit were getting HELD back by the leather in the waist of the suit.  To fix this I deleted the leather in the mid section of the suit and replaced the leather with stretch Schoeller Keprotec abrasion resistant material.  The first thing that I wanted to make sure is that even though the fabric is abrasion resistant; I wanted it to crash well.  I designed kidney floaters that articulate with the stretch fabric; yet create a leather padded area which allows the suit to slide effortlessly on the asphalt while minimizing damage to the fabric.  The kidney protectors also have hard high density shock protection that absorbs energy to your mid section.  Think hip protectors for your love handles!!!!

We put the suit on young Yandel Medina and I KNEW it was an immediate hit.  He was able to move effortlessly; like a monkey on the race track and the suit was not being pulled or fatigued.  He told me MANY times over the years he was wearing that suit; that he felt as if he wasn't wearing a suit at all!  He felt like he was wearing pajamas!

Immediately; we integrated this into our adult suits as an option.  In came the option to order in a HEROIC Custom Stage Suit: The Genesis Mid Section!

HEROIC Genesis Mid Section Front

Above:  The front detail above shows the middle of the HEROIC Standard Custom suit and the details of the HEROIC Genesis Mid Section Option.

HEROIC GENESIS Mid Section Front Detail

Above: A closer look to the front of both systems

HEROIC Genesis Mid Section Rear View

Above:  The rear detail above shows the middle of the HEROIC Standard Custom suit and the details of the HEROIC Genesis Mid Section Option.

HEROIC Genesis Mid Section Rear View Detail

Above: A closer look to the back of both systems

PROS and CONS to both systems!

STANDARD:  Who is a candidate for the standard Mid Section of our HEROIC Stage Custom motorcycle racing suits?  Our standard system is great for racers who want longest lasting longevity of the suit.  Abrasion resistant material does get burned in a crash.  It will need repaired eventually.  The standard suit has more leather in the mid section which creates longevity and total protection against abrasion.  We always recommend Mini Moto, Super Motard racers and budget minded riders to order our standard system

GENESIS Mid Section:  If you are looking for bang for buck and the ultimate in mobility; GENESIS Mid Section.  The system has a price tag of and additional $250.  The rider who wants to be able to have more riding longevity and ultimate ability to move around on your bike; get the GENESIS.  The reality is that all the steps we have put in place to mitigate damage; the aramid material; along with your leather on the suit; often times gets burned.  It happens.  Generally we can either patch or replace panels.    

If I was making a suit for myself; I would always order the suit with the HEROIC Genesis Mid Section.  It really takes your riding to the next level!  Bang for buck in a small amount of time you have to ride.  Get your competitive advantage!