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200 warranty

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This product is specific to only suit and jacket upgrades.

When you purchase a new motorcycle jacket or any stage pro motorcycle racing suit you have the option to purchase a warranty from us.

We know that wrecks happen and that they are somewhat inevitable but in the event that it happens and need to get your suit repaired for any reason we will warranty your product for a value that is more than what you pay for.

A $200 warranty gives you $275 worth of repairs giving you an extra $75

Warranty is only valid from 18 months from purchase as we do not warranty products over that amount of time due to the aging of the suit or jacket. 

-If you have any leftover warranty bucks after the initial 18 months we will roll those over into a new jacket or suit, so your money does not go to waste.

This warranty does not cover any shipping cost.

If you have any questions before purchasing please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.