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D3O LP2 Level 2 Value Package Protectors

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(Do you want to replace the shoulder armor in your HEROIC Tridavar Armored Hoodie with Level 2 protection? This is IT!!!)

LP2 PRO SHOULDER, Elbow and BP4 LS Small Back Pad

D3O® LP2 Pro Limb and BP4 Protectors are the most advanced, breathable armor for motorcycle, onewheel, e-board, ebikes and mountain bike riders, certified to the highest level of impact protection – CE Level 2.

The full range includes knee, hip, elbow and shoulder pads, all of which are CE certified to Level 2 for ambient, wet, hot and cold conditions.

Developed to exceed Level 2 of the new CE Standard (EN1621-1:2013), XERGO offers greater protection across extreme temperature conditions (from –10°c to 40°c) whilst remaining flexible and breathable.


  • Highly ventilated geometry 
  • CE certified to EN1621-1:2012
  • Level 2 protection in ambient, wet, hot and cold conditions
  • Soft and flexible
    (Kit contains a set of 2 D3O LP2 pro shoulder; left and right, 2 elbows; left and right and one BP4 L2 Back Pad S protectors)

      Use this package to upgrade your:
      - HEROIC Tridavar Hoodie
      - HEROIC Jackets
      - Most general motorcycle street apparel