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HEROIC SP-R Pro V1 Gloves - Black

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The HEROIC SP-R PRO V1 Motorcycle Racing Glove line is the ULTIMATE road racing glove in North America. HEROIC SP-R Pro V1 is the latest design offered by HRA.

The chassis of the V1 glove is solely built out of kangaroo skin. The appearance of the glove at first appearance is bulky yet protective. Pull the glove on and you will feel the immediate mobility and value that this glove has to add to your program.

The HEROIC SP-R PRO V1 Motorcycle Racing Glove is built around the bodies natural rest point. A handlebar hold position. In 2009, HEROIC invented articulated fingers. You will immediately notice that once your fingers are extended into a reach; the articulation returns the fingers to the rest point. The center joint of the glove behind the heel of the hand allows for full radial and ulnar mobility. Mobility to the MAX. Yet you will notice that your wrist is also protected by the chassis of the gauntlet.

The gauntlet of the glove:

The gauntlet is actually a bell that sits on the end of your shortened HEROIC racing sleeve. HEROIC makes a shortened sleeve to allow for uninhibited mobility between suit and glove. The loosely fastened butterfly gauntlet will allow the glove full mobility and motion.

The knuckles:

HEROIC places the knuckle bed on the top of your hand so that you experience full mobility and zero pinching. The metal knuckles are highly impact resistant and long lasting. The feedback is that they are the most comfortable knuckles in the industry.

The protection:

At HEROIC we "LOVE" Stingray fish leather! The leather we use is actual authentic leather from the stingray that you see in the water. We were the first to put hard high density foam behind the leather and sew this into our gloves and suits. The stingray leather slides on the road like ball bearings. The shock foam dissipates energy and prevents shock return to your joints. We have used seen the stingray skin slide up to 600ft with barely any abrasion other than scuffing. If you are looking for the ultimate protection that looks like a luxury ingredient off of a luxury bag.... The HEROIC SP-R Pro's V1's are for you. We are confident in the performance and your safety. These V1's are nothing short of HEROIC.

The HEROIC SP-R PRO V1 motorcycle gloves comes in 3 different colorways as well as a set of gloves you can fully customize with any colors, logos etc..  The 3 colorways for the HEROIC SP-R PRO V1 motorcycle gloves are black, white and a fully customizable option that allow you to match your gloves to your outfit perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Fully blacked out colorway
  • Full kangaroo skin carcass
  • Articulated watch accordion with height adjuster strap.
  • Stainless Steel Knuckles
  • Longer gauntlet for extra overall protection
  • TPU sub dermal sliders on finger tops
  • HEROIC Articulated Fingers - Keeps fingers in Race curl
  • Fully stitched with bonded Nylon - ultimate threading
  • HEROIC Logo with shock protection memory foam.

Glove sizing:

Let's measure that hand.  If you are right-handed; use a soft tape and measure your hands circumference around the knuckles; snuggly.  If you have extremely larger palms, measure down where your hand will be wider by the L in your thumb web.  Use the measured number and correlate the number to the size guide.  If you measure 21.5 cm's and you prefer snug gloves; go with a size 11.  If you like your gloves to not be overwhelming snug; go with a size 12!

Sizes 9-16 have a large knuckle that fit most men's hands.  

Sizes 6-8 have a small knuckle to accommodate a smaller hand and are cut slimmer in the fingers to work with small hands and women's hands.  The fingers are also configured for a women's hand as well in the 6-8 sizes.

SP-R Pro Race Glove and ST-R Pro Street Glove measuring guide.