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SU HEROIC STAGE I CUSTOM Professional Race Suit

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The STAGE I Custom suit by HEROIC is the perfect track day and non pro choice for traditional zipped road racing suits. This suit is 1.1 m cowhide in the non impact zones and 1.2-3 m in the impact, abrasion zones. HEROIC pioneering this suit in 2007 with local track organizations on the east coast and perfected it in 2009 with Robertino Pietri AMA road racer.

The Stage I is the perfect suit to start your club racing and track day effort; as well as climbing the ladder as your skills progress. ACTUALLY there is nothing beginner about this suit. The suits quickly breaks in, has superior longevity and will put you right to the top of the podium. We offer 5 different base designs for you to start with and from 'Mild to Wild' make it your own. We are commonly asked what is the difference between the 5 suits. The only difference is the look of the suit as we have designed specific looks to complement different body types. All the features allow you to perform to the maximum and feel 200% confident about your safety. All HEROIC Stage Customs are a perfect marketing platform for your road racing investment.

All custom suits come in either off the rack sizing or 23 measurement made to measure fit, stingray skin at crash points and full graphics.

Need help with your HEROIC Stage III design. We draw 90% of all our customers suits and you are more than welcome to put this process in our hands. Everyone needs some visual help.

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