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HEROIC TRAXXION Motorcycle Pro Racing Suit

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The STAGE I - III Custom suits by HEROIC are the ultimate pro and non pro choice for traditional zipped road racing suits. This suit range offers option from the Stage I being full cowhide.  The Stage II is half kangaroo and half cowhide. The Stage III is a full kangaroo option.  All three of the suits are the same cut; we just offer different leather choices for your specific riding needs! 

The Stage II is our most popular solution because the suit offers cowhide in all the abrasion zones.  It offers kangaroo in all the motion areas.  The kangaroo allows the suit to be lighter and more flexible!

HEROIC pioneered these suit options in 2010 with our newer AMA riders. The guys were wrecking A LOT and we needed to design a suit that would offer immediate comfort but also have serious abrasion control for lower speed abrasion on fast tight tracks.

We offer 13 different base designs for you to start with and from 'Mild to Wild' make it your own. We are commonly asked what is the difference between the 13 suits. The only difference is the look of the suit as we have designed specific looks to complement different body types. Our TRAXXION, PERFECTLINE and SABER look great for big framed customers! 

All of the features in our suits allow you to perform to the maximum and feel 200% confident about your safety.  The standard Stage I-III come loaded with CE1 Lightweight Armor.  Our customs have utilized this simple protection for years due to the extremely light weight and the crash protection it offers while still being simplistic.

We now offer D3O Xergo Level 2 protection as an upgrade. Do you want to have the best high density shock protection for your hips, elbow, shoulder and knees. Click HERE 'D3O Xergo Level 2 Limb Protection' to learn more about this awesome upgrade exclusive for HEROIC Racing Apparel Customers. $250 upgrade

We also offer the option of the GENESIS Mid Section.  Do you ever feel fatigued after a 20 minute session on track?  We have concluded that the mid section of the suit is holding you back with the leather in the motion area of your abdomen.  If you want the ultimate upgrade; choose the HEROIC GENESIS Mid-Section upgrade.  We delete the leather in the mid-section and replace the leather with Schoeller abrasion resistant stretch material and we place kidney floaters on the sides of the suit with high density foam; to prevent abrasion on the fabric; and allow you to have leather to slide on!  

Need a TechAir Airbag to wear inside our suits?  You purchase a TechAir 3, 5, 10 or Race unit and we can build the airbag into your suit!

Need a built in back protector to integrate into the liner of your new suit?  We offer a Level 2 D3O long back protector to integrate into your liner.  We are often asked; if I'm running an airbag in my new HEROIC Stage suit; do I need the D3O back protector?  Our answer always is; when you ship the airbag in for service; you need back protection!  Simple upgrade!

Need help with your HEROIC Stage custom design. We draw 90% of all our customers suits and you are more than welcome to put this process in our hands. Everyone needs some visual help.

All custom suits come in either off the rack sizing or 23 measurement made to measure fit, stingray skin at crash points and full graphics.

All HEROIC Stage Customs are a perfect marketing platform for your road racing investment.

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